I will survive (2021)

Site-specific exhibition display made of tarpaulin, flashlights and stage elements. With „Looking for Hyalomma looking for me“ (logs, iPhone, charging cable, powerbank, videoloop) and „manufactum“ 1-5 (branches, string),

The exhibition space, a vaulted cellar, is staged as a hybrid survival setting. Once settled under the tarp, the eyes of the visitors become accustomed over time and orient themselves: logs piled up in front of the feet to form a campfire, in which a cell phone is embedded, over whose screen a tick runs again and again to a quiet chirping. A kind of chair made of sticks in the light of a flashlight, which casts a cryptic sign as a shadow on the ground…

Exhibition views by Emil Walde; „I will survive“, Kunstraum 34 Stuttgart 2021