Carved oak spoon on substructure with overlays (405x 90x 84cm), planting stakes, tension straps, digital print laminated on canvas (90x 135cm), video documentation 13:10min, 2020

In August 2020, a prepper disarms two surprised police officer that came to check his shed on the outskirts of the Black Forest for illegal possession of weapons. He escapes and manges to hide from helicopters and special forces for a week inside of the forest, becoming a hero for an internation survivalist and prepper scene. By means of a technique reminiscent of pyramid building, but also Fitzcarraldo’s (Werner Herzog) megalomania, the approx. 600kg „Rambo“, roughly carved out of oak with a chainsaw, is pulled by a group for 13 hours from its place of origin to the exhibition site. Rambo is the material remnant of a physical confrontation and the fittest among many (spoons). Upon arrival at the institution, Rambo becomes a memory stored in the bodies of the group.

Exhibition view: Long Time No See, Württembergischer Kunstverein 2020 Photos by Julia Schäfer